i have not know this guy for too very long but already i feel like  i know him.
what is there to say we both have simialr problems that e are working through and  i hope to work through it together.
when i see him i see a star ready to shine as soon as he gets the chance to. i hope ill be his breaking point to let that star of his shine. he is not like any other guy. he is one in a million not one of the millions. he is an amazing person that  i just love dearly. i just hope he knows that and truly believes it. its one thing to know something its another thing to believe it..
and all though we may be far apart for now i want him to know that when he looks into the sky at  night  i will be there looking right back at him. when he wakes up in the morning light  ill be the sunshine in his hair. no matter what challenges we face down the road  i want him to know that  ill be there right beside him to catch him when falls. and be there to wipe every tear from his eyes. i will be there for him forever and always.

love ya tristan!!!! <3
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1 Response Sep 27, 2011

Thank u so much i am honestly in tears right now i care about u so much and somday ill find u as soon as i can and i love u soo much i think of u as my soal sister and ur tge only reason i wake up in thr morning