Strangely Comforting..

Broken people. I know so many.
Maybe thats why my heart is so full?
Its taken up by all these damaged souls.

I think everybody is broken, in some way or another. I find it comforting, as strange as that may sound, because it makes me realise that we all have a past that we may not be proud of and a past that we may want to hide from. Just like me.
Broken people are simply kindred spirits; I always welcome these people into my heart and home; they need some hope to hold onto. Im here for any broken person, young or old, because they deserve a place in everybodys heart.

FinallyBeingReal FinallyBeingReal
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1 Response Jan 12, 2012

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That's touching, and it's true as well in my opinion at least.

Thank you :) Good to know there are others out there willing to help