I have a tender heart for those who have been bullied.

I just watched a Christian Broadcasting Network show and part of it was about bullies. When I was a child, no matter what school I was in (4 including high school) I was bullied and teased. I had a few friends but most of them were misfits like me. I became an extremely emotional and shy child because of it and I am still feeling the effects of my childhood terror, even though I am more confident than I was then.  I am still extremely emotional and get hurt easily. I sometimes think people don't like me and feel lonely but I have a hard time reaching out to people to make friends. I have friends now -- sort of.  But I never get invited to someone's house or to go out to have a good time somewhere.  I see my friends at church. Having social network sites help, especially Experience Project. But it does not take the place of face to face friends. I wish that I could be more outgoing. But I am glad that I have grown in confidence as a person in my own right.

I know what it is like to be bullied and I have a heart for those who have been bullied and are bullied right now. Anyone who has had this experienced this type of torture tell me your story.  I might even start a group if there is not one about bullies.
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not having a lot of friends is not necessarily a bad thing, people who don't have a lot of friends tend to have friends who are also reliable and trustworthy.