Always Have

I have always hung around broken messed up people . Ever since I was young . My father was the same way . He would try to help people that had problems and so do I . When I was in high school my best friend was a homeless kid who lived in a tent . I use to let him come to our house to shower and eat . And I lived on the street for 3 years I sold drugs and never was to poor I always had something . I would kick drugs or money down to the less capable people I though deserved it . I given everything I have away many times . Things don't make me happy ,people do . When I was older I use to work for this rich lady who had a crazy friend ( real crazy like talk to himself in public crazy). I would hang out and just talk to him . He was strange but nice guy . Even my first marriage was to a drug addict and crippled woman . That ended cause she relapsed and there are kids involved witch now live with me . Not sure why but I just attract broken people and my life has bin for the most part better for it ...
matydreadz matydreadz
36-40, M
May 10, 2012