when i was 16 i went to a party with a couple of friends. everything seemed ok i was the d.d and had no intention of driving so i grabbed a cup of pepsi..little did i know that would be my downfall. after i got my cup i went out on the dance floor to have some fun. then all of the sudden my vision went blurry , and i started to stumble around. my friend noticed and started yelling at me for getting ripped off my *** when i was supposed to be the driver. so she left me standing there to fend for myself all of the sudden three guys come out of no where and lift me up.. i was to out of it at this point to protest. the last thing i saw before i blacked out was three guys hoving over me...when i woke up they were all having there way with me i tried to scream and fight but my body and voice just would not respond ..all i could do was stare at the face's of mt attackers and pray for death with tears streaking my face...when they were done with me they wrapped me in a blanket and dropped me behind our dairy queen... thankfully when i came to and started the long walk home an elderly cab driver saw me and offered me a ride knowing i couldn't pay him.. that mans compassion when i was broken to my core helped me get through the rape....i kept telling myself there were still good people out there and i vowed to herlp others like myself just as the old man helped me.
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Reading your story made me infuriated at the kinds of people who exist in this world. But reading your comment below gave me some very grim, and very welcome satisfaction. I hate that this happened to you, and I hate that people like that exist. But I'm glad you are well, and I'm glad you apparently crushed the ****s of those maggots under your steel boots, or in a sausage grinder, or whatever you did to them before they were sent to jail. Yours is a vengeance story that I would hope many hurt young women could tell, and I pray that your health and satisfaction one day belongs to any woman who has been through this. A well told story.

Not everyone is an *******, even jerks like me.

Wow did you call police you saw who did this . Listen I really hope you put these ******* bumbo klaat *** holes in jail . Or it will happen to someone else . And I'm sorry this happened to you . I can't imagine what that is like . Keep your head up . Bless