growing up in a home where your father is a drug addicted, abusive cop is never easy. i remember hiding in the closet with my to younger sisters when i was 7 yrs. old while my father beat my mom over and over. then come to my room for me and all i could ever ask was why?? he even went as far as holding my mother at gun point when she tried to leave and then putting the gun to my youngest sisters head who was a baby at the time. she agreed to stay to get him to put the gun down and he beat her so bad she could barley walk for trying. now don't get me wrong when my father wasn't high he was the greatest man you would ever come into contact with . he taught me how to ride a bike and wiped my tears many times. but when he started doing drugs it tore our family apart he would bring women home and have sex with them in front of my mom and me and life just got worse. i can't tell you how many times i faced death before the age of nine. and how many times i prayed for it. he eventually overdosed when i was nine we found him black and blue on the back porch of our home and for years i hated what he had done to us all but as they say i found strength in the struggle and i'm not looking back!
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I feel you. I know it hard and terrifying but you made it. Now give yourself a chance to have a life of love and happiness. You have to want it and don't let the past for not going forward to a future of your dream. Love will set you free.

I feel at home with broken people but lack the words to express it as you have here. Thank you for sharing it

Omg girl..that is so awful..I don't even know what to say..it just makes me sad that have had just a hard life..I don't know what else to say but I'm so sorry that happen to u

Can't imagine . Keep your head up