Abused Pt .2

after my father died we lived in a broken down trailer and ate raman noodles for about a year until my mother met my step dad. things were ok at first and he seemed like the band-aid to so many broken hearts they dated for about a year and then got married.soon after the return from there honeymoon we noticed a change he started having bad mood swings and loosing his temper at the drop of a had. it wasn't long until i became the punching bag for his frustrations and my mom said i should stop making him angry. i didnt know what i was doing wrong an 11 year old never does. the abuse went on for years and i felt all alone. come home from school clean the house and babysit two younger sisters while my mom and step dad would work , but he always found something to be angry about. do you know what its like to be hit with a belt so hard blood runs down your back, arms and legs i could tell you. to be slapped so hard you wonder how you managed to keep your teeth and my mom wonders why i dont care for her... why i never allow them to babysit my son. life sucks!
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May 19, 2012