I'm Broken, Though Not As Broken As You May Think

I suffer from trichotillomania (i pull out my hair), seizures, and tourettes. I pull out my hair so much that the entire top of my head is basically bald, as well as the sides. I've had that since I was 9. I have seizures, the doctors can't figure out what causes them, and I've had them for a while.
A lot of times, people will ask me what's wrong with my hair. Most of the time it's little kids. It makes me feel broken, like a part of me is missing or lost.
I also have depression, it used to be worse, severe even, but I got help. And now I know a girl that suffers from severe depression. It makes me feel better to know that she is benefited by my struggles. I talk to her and share how I cope with depression in non-harming ways.
crzydrm crzydrm
18-21, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

Very inspiring story to be so young! It's taken me 45 years to admit I'm depressed and my great desire to save people I love is making it worse. Keep doing what you do as in the future it will shine like the sun.<br />
I refuse to change what I feel isn't wrong if my need to save people is wrong then so be it!