Found A Broken Piece I Hid

I was once really broken I didn't even know it. I decided to do something when I had breakdown. And now I found a piece I hid so well which makes sense I always lose things so easily. What crushed that piece is a story you may know or be familiar with I never really felt my dad loved. And stuff happened that made me remember when I was 8 I asked my dad if he loved me. Bad choice he said he loved me but he was watching t.v. So that meant he answered like this What!? What did you say? Yes of course which made me cry he answered me in an ugly way. So I never really know if my dad loves me. The logical answer is of course he does he's your dad. But logic doesn't appeal to my heart. So yeah but on a bright note after God helps me with this one I want to help others who feel broken. I want to start a group I don't know how it would work. But the motto would be something like healing our generation and preparing the next I don't know if I can stop it but I can help others to know how to deal with it. And be showing them how to deal with it they can help their kids, younger cousin, nieces, nephews. So I would say I have a heart for the broken ones.
Inksplotch Inksplotch
May 22, 2012