I Have A Place

i have a place in my heart for broken people especially for women who are raped i feel very sad for them they dont get respect in society after the rape i want to ask all you people over here a guy rape's a women then why the society blames women and not the guy and in some cases i have seen women hang themselves and the rapist roaming in the streets freely and i feel sad when i see old people in old home ages i jus want to ask to there sons why do you send your parents away from you they give birth to you and look after you for so many years and when the time comes you jus kick them out of there own houses dont forget one thing today you kick your parents out of the house tomorrow your children might do the same thing with you so think about the future give respect to your parents give respect the women and see how beautiful the world looks around you
Roadguy Roadguy
26-30, M
1 Response May 28, 2012

The world is running under men.. it will take an era may be more than that to change this world.. we were modernised a lot but still still women are under men only..