Concerned About What This Means About Me

In part, I love that I have compassion for "broken" people. But, does it mean that I have some sort of psychosis for this? I suppose as long as I not exclusively drawn to these types I'm ok. Afterall, I think everyone is "messed up" in some way or another. It is another trait that connects us all. People need to be more compassionate for one another. What we do unto others, we have already done to ourselves.
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I agree, I think we start off good an through ties we get into things and mess up or we make the wrong choices, I know I have many many times

Why be concerned? As long as it causes you no harm to be compassionate, then why a concern?

Don't want to always seek out someone because I think I need to fix them. Help them, OK, but not fix them. They have to do that themselves. It's hard enough to fix oneself.

I find broken people more vulnerable and easier to connect. And perhaps I relate to them better because I'm broken myself. But mostly, I just find them more real. Honestly, like you said, most people are broken and people that act almighty and perfect are just putting on acts.

I would agree. It is one way to connect with people around us. Can we just imagine how this cyber world has been doing to us this past few decades. It's just so out of this world. We connect because we feel and can relate.

Having compassion for "broken" people does not sound to me that you WANT to be around those who "need you" because you have a "savior complex" or something; it sounds more to me, like you said, WE ARE ALL BROKEN...really, I agree totally that we ALL really need to BE compassionate toward each other. <br />
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I like to be treated gently and kindly when I am having a "difficult moment". (I don't "stay down" long...I withdraw and heal by myself usually) It is OK to WANT to have healthy relationships and EVEN HEALTHIER to recognize that A LOT of people may not be capable of having them...with us. Having empathy for others is really having empathy for yourself too...that is a GOOD thing. Nice story.

Thanks. Fightn4me. What a nicely explained concept, and its so nice to hear from others about this, and I appreciate the time you took to read, reply, and make this connection. I suppose it's not maddening, but healthy to second guess ourselves, or to occasionally step back and make sure we aren't veering off into a ditch. If we didn't, then that is when we would probably be truely screwed up. Thanks.