Healing Goes 2 Ways

i am a broken person, i have been hurt way too much in life but i dont cry or wine about it. i have forgiven all those who appose and degrade me for whatever reason and accepted them for who they are. i also accepted that i was never meant to know them and the countless hours i used to spend thinking about why am i so different from everyone else were not completely pointless. i am now a unique individual and it took me 22 years to get to the point i am now. i have been to 2 countries, i have freinds all over the globe and growing in number, i am truly a adaptable person who is almost never surprised anymore which does worry me but i always have a plan and always calm and collected. i am on the way to being one of many great creative minds in the computer field, personal finance, art (as in drawing, photography), and my stories for movies, short stories and books are on a thought level so deep i dont even understand how i got to the point where i can tell the story of men women and children from almost any walk of life anymore. i survived the pain of high school and middle school as a nerd that not even nerds understand and passed the test of being a service member. i can look at you and finally tell you that through all the discomfort and pain and sleepless nights of being depressed in whatever stage you are, or lack of rest on your stories, not understanding why am i different. it gets better as long as you can slowly work towards getting to a place within yourself where you are happy with what you see in the mirror and even if your not you can now look at yourself and say im going to make this change for me and no one else. note im not an a%% hole or anything ive just become a blunt person over the years and im not done growing yet which im glad to know.
mlperry90 mlperry90
22-25, M
Sep 21, 2012