2 Tails Of Christmas

Wish you were here,... every year i play this song and reflect, this year i write it and hope for the best..

my worst,
I found myself going through Portland, it was about a year into my adventure and the heaviest of my addiction. I had hoped to find some family there, shake the cold and maybe catch a few buck$. But I had no-one left and spent the chilly night walking familiar streets, picking up little treats along the way, discarded syringes, bottles with just a swallow left in them. I hit the jackpot on Burnside ave, a street i knew very well; as a kid I spent summers riding my bike here, we used to take my step-mom to work and drive this road. When we would cross the bridge my pops would say lock the door and I would stare at all the bums and the strange people in awe.. and fear...; I came to still early, still cold in a stoop as to not get rained on, rolled a smoke to wake up, collect myself and figure out where I am, when a car rolled by... it got my attention because i loved the song he was playing... wish you were here.... I looked at the window and saw me as a kid staring at me.. Their are no words to explain that feeling... just, wish you were here...

My best,
Many years and adventures later, I found myself living in Milwaukee going another round with addiction. Although I had a few things going for me and coming in a close second. I had managed after 14 years to have my son back in my life, and tried my hardest to be a positive influence and a good father. We got along very well, and spent a lot of quality time together, especially that christmas day i gave him a 12 string guitar and we played all day, I told him of Portland and many more things he did not know of me. I told him about when my pops played that song and inspired me to play, he told me thats what inspired him to play, but as we played,... that is another feeling you cant explain....just Wish you were here.... so a drink for my worst, for my best and to my last...
sadfish sadfish
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Great story Sadfish...my heart is broken because of broken people..the inside is now outside but you can pull up a piece and stay a while

I'm not going anywhere

Addiction is one of the worst battles I have ever fought.... I totally understand your pain ):