One Busy Morning And A Story Untold.

 The small crowd mingled,
Around the slight figure crumpled.
On the edge of the busy main road,
Just under the street name board.

Though the city streets were full of those,
Who lost their way, their house, and spouse.
But she was completely different in some way.
A few hearts ~ her good looks could still sway.

She looked weak, but not unhealthy,
Achingly attractive but very, very dirty.
Once a blooming rose, fast losing its glow,
Unknown to herself she was on the show.

Some sighed by acting with pity,
Some looked with genuine sympathy.
A few letched at her slender n slim line,
And quite a few suspected her of some crime.

Unaware of the highway din,
Neither fully awake not sleeping.
A forsaken child of the mankind,
For the world around, she was blind.

A security man poked her with cane,
Shouted at her to get lost in the bylane.
Bringing her back to her miserable life,
Forcing her to face her grief and strife.

She opened her eyes with a great effort,
Wet yet so deep eyes, confused and hurt.
She moved her hand searching for a hold,
Trying to grope thin air for a little support.

Just then, a middle aged lady stepped forward,
Self conscious, hesitant and little bit awkward.
To give her aid, she tried to hold her fragile hand,
She recoiled and threw on her - some dry sand.

A brief fire burnt in her exhaustive eyes,
Like a strike of lightning in the dark skies.
Her lips twisted n she uttered somewhat foul,
Bleeding words came out of her wounded soul.

She stood up with her slow pace in grace,
Dark emotions written large on her face.
Gingerly turned back and left the busy road,
Taking along with her - yet another story untold.

*** This is the depiction of a real life incident happened  on one of the busy streets.
Prayers for Her.


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I appreciate this because it reminds me of my street urchin days-a life I don't need to return to,but experiences which shaped my own compassion as I found the courage to rise out of my self-created turmoil.A life lesson also that it is no business of mine to judge others-we all have our own unique struggles to face-some perhaps more difficult than others.

Keep spreading the lesson.

Finding good is often difficult, but it makes the search worthwhile.
Thank You for the reminder all is not well with the world, but we CAN make a difference, but only if we have the courage to make a change.

You are inspiring me to leave the bed n get up!!!

I can only hope that I could inspire one such as you. You have been such an inspiration to the rest of us.

Your thoughtfulness is always appreciated.

Somewhere mej,somewhere exists a place of perfect compassion and love.This opposite world proves it.Thank you.

Healthy approach always pays, Bro.
Take care.

great presentation.

Yes ... hope some day would add to it with some positive update on Her.
Your kindness is always appreciated, Respected Friend.


I love that poem,it describes a lost soul so well,a lost soul who could no longer differentiate between a loving person trying to help her and those who abused her.I saw the movie Patch Adams,it is based on a true story,the doctor whose story it was,was interviewed on television,and he said "there are not enough caring people in the world" sadly, I tend to agree with him.

Yes very sad indeed. I can feel your compassion through your description of her :) xox

~ Would meet again n this time would be better for Sure.
Hope You are doing well, dear.
Hugs n Prayers.

Yes i hope you would find her better too :) Doing well yes love. I hope you are as well .. my shining light of love :) Hugs n Prayers back sweet :) xoxoxoxoxox

It's been long that have been to the said place but some time .... yes ... things would be green. You always disappear and come back with Your charm, dear friend.
Wish You enjoy Your next trip n come back with some new post n pic/s.

So very sad,great writing,thank you for sharing :-)

Has to be a silver lining somewhere around. Matter of Time!
How are You now?
Recover Soon!

"What will people say?" is the attitude that has held back many people from putting out their hands to help others...wishing that all of us will have lot more courage to extend a helping hand...


Touching one…don’t know what to write…when the world will change …when it will have enough good hearted one to touch the tears of the people who are in need ...


Mej, I had a similar experience with a local woman. All I can tell you is that often someone who has dealt with homelessness and deprivation like that often becomes very distrustful of people in general. My person would not accept a sandwich and coffee, would not even talk to me, but shuffled away. I felt a little hurt, which is silly, but I have no other way of describing the feeling I had that I could not help, that I was doing all I could do and it somehow was not what she needed or wanted at that time. I just had to be okay with the fact that at least I had attempted to do something, that I at least recognized that she existed and expressed love the only way I knew how.

I can understand You, dear one.

Somehow, each time am around the place, my heart keeps searching for Her and am sure that She would meet me once again. Let me see.
Prayers for All of them to get comfort enough.


"Just another day for me and you in paradise."

Thanks. That was thoughtful on Your part, Quintesse.

Though no blisters on the soles of Her feet
any one could drown in her sad n wet eyes.

How I wish she'd have accompanied me!


... Oh lord! Is there nothing more anybody can do?
Ohh Ohh whoo lord! There must be something you can say ...

Again a sweet and inspiring story....With a flow as in ballad and tuned like flute....!!!!!

May God Bless her...!!!

Blessings for Her. Thank You, N.