Cara's Story

Cara(7) was the fourth born of the single mother Jan.
Bobby(15), Jan's first born, was the weakest. He lay on the family's only blanket by the dumpster, which they called home. Bobby had cancer and they knew he'd die.
Bernice, called Bernie(13) and Jan's second born, tended to his every word. She was weak and tired as well.
Jamie(10) and Jan's third born scavenged through the dumpster for food. He held up a half eaten watermelon in triumph.
Franny(3), Jan's fifth born and youngest, clapped her sickly hands patient for their coming big meal.
A year later and Bobby and Franny were dead. Bernie, Jamie, and Cara were "home" alone once again caring for the new baby Kisa.
Kisa was fussy and sick. She wouldn't eat anything Jamie found for him. Bernie went out to the streets for her daily begging, leaving Jamie in charge of Cara and Kisa.
Kisa began to throw up and Jamie rushed out to find Bernie, giving sick Kisa to Cara. Kisa was burning up, so Cara did the only thing she could think of - she undressed baby Kisa, revealing the open wound on her stomach causing her the pain.
Bernie, Jamie, and Jan returned. Jan took the sick naked baby in her arms. "There is nothing we can do," Jan said sadly. Jamie started to dig a hole next to the ones from Bobby and Franny.
Kisa died later that weak.
Jan was later offered a low wages sewing job and took up on the offer. During this transition, Bernie picked up a germ somewhere and was unable to breath.
Jamie, almost twelve now, took care of her and sent nine year old Cara out to do the daily begging.
Cara took to the streets, asking for any bit of money she could muster up. An older rich boy and his father stopped by briefly to talk to Cara. "You Jamie's sister?" the boy asked. "That's right," Cara said. He reached in his pockets and pulled out $15. "This is all I have on me right now." Cara thanked him and went back to the streets.
Cara had enough money for the day now. She decided to head back to Jamie and Bernie.
Cara found Jamie crying over Bernie. When he saw Cara he looked up. "Looks like I'm the eldest now." Cara knew what this meant. She and Jamie made a place for Bernie next to Kisa's grave. Jamie began making another grave. "For who?" Cara asked. "Mother won't be coming home," Jamie said. Now most nine-year-olds wouldn't know the connection, but Cara did. "Are we going to keep living here?" Cara asked Jamie. Jamie nodded. "We'll rely on the donations now." Cara nodded. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Jamie smiled for the first time in days.
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Tragic story! Did Jamie and Cara still survive? How are they doing nowadays?