They Need Some Love. Don't They?

I always believe that we humans (even animals) have inherent nature to care for other people. We all are born with this quality. If is just after the social conditioning that we somehow suppress this quality. Some of us become emotionless. Some of us become too emotional. Most of us are get engaged in their own world and don’t care about other people. But whatever be the case, we all are inherited with the quality to care about other people. Most of just ignore that.
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2 Responses Nov 18, 2013

People say they care about the broken ones. They don't. They want something to fix, a challenge if you will. Then they realise you can't be fixed and they leave. Most of the people here are "broken" because of somethi g that's happened to them. It's worse when you're born with it; when it's who you are. When its common banter with people you know that you're "****** up". It's funny you didn't mention that one, no one ever seems to.

I just wanted to say that we all have kindness. It is just that most of us get engaged in the world and forget about their inherent quality of kindness. :)

I get your point.

:) When I wrote this , I didn't know myself how it feels to be hurt.

Very true...thanks for the reminder.