My hearts broken ,heal me .
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There is nothing more empty than a broken heart with emptiness in my soul

aww ,i understand ,hang in there !

aww and girls :)

<3 my username not has a place for animal but for those who need <3

Mine too :/ how are you doing with it though?

Bad really bad but i will get better the scars may remain

My scars are still with me after two years..

aww i understand ! tahts okay we can heal each other :)

The more life experiences I have (widowed, divorced, abused, infidelity, brain tumor, ruptured appendix, etc) suffered the more I am able to empathize with others. I have lived to see God bring good out of evil and He has blessed me with the ministry of encouragement.

People often fall ,so deep that they don't seem to find a way out .Some people quit but some keep moving forward with pain but with hope the they reach a place filled with colors filled with happiness .God works in mysterious ways he sends rain after he sends the rainbow you just have to wait fro the rainbow if you don't see it then keep believing ,keep loving ! God bless you ,your an angel !