There are many around me with broken hearts. Those who have loved someone and gave completely of themselves, only to be told it wasn't good enough.

I to am one of these...

I wish I could take the pain away and mend their broken hearts. Each one so beautiful, each one so unique, each heart a gift to this world and anyone that may cross their path. I count it an honor to have them in my life. I count it an honor to trust them. I count it an honor to love them and call them my friend. And though I cannot replace the one they loved, the one that wounded them so deeply... I hope they understand that in my heart they will always find a place of shelter, a place where they can feel safe again, a place where they will not be judged or accused of not being worthy... for I am one of them...
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4 Responses May 15, 2014

Is nice to know that we still have people like you :D

The is *Beautiful* my friend and you have been part of my growing and healing from beginning *wipes tears* its touching and Heart felt.... such a lovely tribute to those like us who have learned to cope and live with our *Broken Hearts* Love You for posting this for me you and all those that still need to Love and heal themselves to move on.
*tight Hugs* xxx

Lovely words. I wish mine will heal soon. :/ 💋

Nicely put my friend. I'm one of them too. Thanks.