I don't believe I'm a fixer. I'm sure there's a better term but I prefer 'fixer'. It reminds me of a song. By fixer I am referring to someone who feels obligated to make everyone better.

Okay... So maybe I am a fixer. However, I know not everyone wants to be fixed or treated as a project. No. I would feel terrible if someone made me their project.

All I want to do is share hope.

Hope. A sliver of sun light peeking through the slats of a boarded up  window in a dark abandoned room.

If I were a human flower hope would be my sunshine. I want to share my sunshine.





Mello Mello 26-30, F 17 Responses Mar 5, 2009

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I definitely have a place in my heart for broken people. Heck, I can't keep them out even if I tried. I just don't really have a place in my life for them. I will happily provide them with hope and direction.

Unfortunately, most broken people derive part of their identity to how they are broken. They couldn't get rid of it any more than most people could abandon their religion. I've even known clusters of broken people who play "I'm more broken and can attract more sympathy than you." As such, I can't give a place in my LIFE to broken people because it encourages them to stay broken.

Felt your sunshine feels gooood Lovely Thank you! ;o)

That's a nice thought you shared. Me, too! That's two of us. Now let's pass it on!

That so basic but still a cornucopia (the yellow ball). I love it :-)

Aww, there is the sun!!!!!!!!!!


I can't wait. Sounds wonderful! will be a surprise. I know that you love surprises.

Hopefully one day, I will be able to throw a big party, and I will see you there next to the fish bowl...and we will talk about it in depth...

suffice it to say that a rebel has landed to disband the bandits of fun, hope and justice.

And thank you, for saying I am a good writer. I am entertaining...rarely logical and overtasked.

But thank you...sweet heart.

If there is one that should be grateful then it's me for having yourself and Blue as my friends.

Awww thanks Kinda. :)

Thanks for being a friend. :)

Thank you for the ray of sunlight that you are in my life :)

You have hooked this fishy... I can't wait to read it! Although I'm an easy catch... good writer excellent topic.

Tell me more!!!

Oh yeah *brut smiles*

Your book is about hope?


I would never be accused of being a sunny one, but I do like to make people feel comforted. At least that is what it says on my personality description test...


There is always hope...always. I am writing the book on it :-)

Brut, I can relate. Perhaps not fully... but to an extent. :)

Marji, Thank you!!! My sunny ways are sometimes too much for people.

Awwww. I love love love love you more JJ!

I agree, Mello.

I like to make people feel better, because there is too much sadness, badness and madness. That ***** with my tragedy sensor and then I cannot cope very well. So, if I try my best to just make someone smile, or make them feel less alone for a bit...then I have served a purpose that hour. It keeps me going.