Been There; Done That.

I think that the more misfortune that I experience the more compassion I have for others.  I have mental health problems, had my heart broken once or twice, and have had my share of physical bumps and bruses in my life.  I am not about to save the world or rescue everyone.  I have learned to treat others with more kindness and love.

When I am cut off in traffic I really don't get mad.  I think about how that other person's day might be going and why they may be driving like that.  Of course I keep my distance from them on the road just to be safe. 

I used be a literacy volunteer in a jail.  Some of the people I met I had to 'keep my distance' from as well, but I still had a place in my heart for them and wondered how their life might have gone up till then.

CraigC CraigC
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

I think that your life is and has been amazing. You worked in a jail? That's really cool. I wish I had the courage to do something like that. And if you can take compassion into your daily life, you'll always see life in a fresh, new way. Way to go!