I'm Wiser Now

I think it's human nature to take what you need and move on. I mean that's true for food, drink, friends and relationships. I know I've done it to others in the past before I grew up. It's unfortunate that the "good people" of the world have to get stomped on by those who do take advantage. But a word of wisdom is to always take care of yourself first at all times. You can't give out all of yourself and except to come out unbroken from the situation.

I've had money stolen from my son by people that were down on their luck and it amounted to almost 300.00 in gold coins we had been saving even before he was born. I should have hid them better but I was too trusting and that was my loss. Another thing to think about is to expect and safeguard for the worst, that way if the bad doesn't happen then you are pleasantly surprised.

My personal relationships have almost been lost because we took in two family members and they trashed out house, their cat pissed everywhere and they ate us out of house and home. They caused endless fights between the family and also the family was mad we took them in in the first place. I'm glad we did because they needed it and I don't know where they would have been without us but I'm still sorry for it every day too because I wish I could take it back and make them face their own problems.

But the past is the past at this point my heart is still open to people in need, I just feel like because of all of that I'm a wiser person now

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

wow, i truly admire your compassionate spirit. life is about helping others when possible and it sounds like you embrace that fully. keep it up and you will be rewarded.

I completely relate to what you are saying. I have been taken advantage of so many times I lost count! Stolen from, lied to, cheated, and worse. <br />
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Last year I took in 3 18/19 year old juvenile delinquents (I used to be their counselor). They had nowhere to go. I really don't regret it but if I had known ahead of time how difficult it would be would I have done it? I don't know. I do know that I learned important and necessary lessons about mySELF and yes, like my mom used to say, I do seem to have to learn the hard way.<br />
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Is it better to let people alone to find their own way, even they are on the street? I assume they are still stumbling around trying to find their way, so I don't think I took that learning experience from them. What I do believe is that those non-trusting boys may have learned that some people do care, and are trustworthy.<br />
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I have been attracted to broken people, and they to me, because I was broken myself. I think I am almost whole now, which is why I try to stay away from people who might take too much of me.