Well I met a beautiful soul and she was so broken . Reaching out to whoever she could hold on to . I never knew how that was until she chose me . It was a full time job but I couldn't let her down. I now know that you can be there for someone but telling them I love you or saying I will always be there won't fix them.... It's a hard lesson to learn but she will always be my friend .
Saras905 Saras905
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Hi how are you doing today I was looking over your profile and you are a very interesting lady I really like your stories a lot of them are very funny and that one is messed up, you got me with the **** pic selfe that really sucked seeing that, and you are also a very sweet person, will you please add me as friend thank you very much Scott

I don't know you, but if you actually want to put in your full effort into it, I want to Thank you for Helping someone in time of need. :)

Add me please