Hate to say it this way, but the more broken you are, the harder I try and glue your pieces back together. I have this overwhelming need to be there for the people that need a friend the most. I guess because I never want people to feel the way I used to; ALONE. I was broken myself, and still am a little, so if I can save someone from feeling the way I have, I will do anything in my power to.
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im the same way and some girl i met told me to read a book called co dependent no more...hmmm

Like needs people like you Nicki so keep it up. But remember, there are limits to what you can do and people that have been broken beyond mortal reach :) Don't take more then you can handle

Life needs people like you*

I really want to help people too, I am a psychology student and one thing I have realize there are a lot of people broken as a result of abuse, bully etc and most of all the pharmaceutical industry and the mental health system. The mental health system and the pharmaceutical industry is ruining life where as depress people need counseling and love. Be empower that your have pass the stage of brokenness.

I wish I could be fixed. I'm always reaching out to my friends when I feel suicidal and nobody comes to save me from myself. So I end up overdosing because I know deep down when I need someone, nobody will be there.

If glue cannot fix it, then I guess I will have to hold you together with my bare hands, friend (:

Okay but I'm a double handful. o.o Like I get depressed thinking about all the physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse I went through and it's a lot O.O

Would you like to private message me and talk about it? It's okay if not, but the offer is there (:


Sorry to hear about this. You can be a better person. You just have to let go of the past. There is a lot to be happy for. Don't wish you can fix it, just let go. The past can rob us so much but we can avoid that by moving forward. I wish there is a better way I could make you understand.

Kind of hard when those pieces torment me the second someone yells and I have flashbacks to 18 years of abuse. Like beatings with belts and board, having both my shoulders dislocated my sternum dislocated. Being blown up sucked too. Everytime I hear a loud noise without being alert to it first I feel the pain of over a thousand scars

I know but in times like that you should be more close to family and love ones, come over here and chat. I can understand exactly how you feel. These day I cry a lot being on this site by the things I read. Just tell me what will make you forget everything because at some point you have to live free of the past.

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