I feel we can all relate as we have all been there. I feel an extra urge, though, to bring the broken under my wing. Not because I'm some kind of guru of yogi, but because I know I care enough to help them get through whatever it is that's gotten them so broke feeling.

I have this lump in my chest as I text this experience just thinking about the many out there that don't know they're beautiful, smart, sexy, talented, and worthy of love and affection. Every single person has a broken past. What's more of a rarity is having someone there for you to build yourself back up when you fall.

Too many times broken people in need of "Fixing" rely on their own thoughts or the inspiration of other broken people because they have no other choice. Once again, I am in no way perfect. What I'm saying is, I almost feel emotionally drawn to their every need to have their spirits uplifted and tended to.

Especially abused (mentally and physically) women and children. If I were rich, I'd bring them ALL under my wing and let them know they were under my care and would have my complete physical and spiritual support.
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u r a really good person...wish thr wr more ppl like u..

It warms my heart to read your kind words. Thank you very much. I like to believe there are good people out there that genuinely want to help others, they just get distracted sometimes.