Because I am broken and always will be, I can understand where they are coming from.
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Same here.

I've come to realize that love doesn't break you the wrong people that come into your life does.Never give up on love .Love is the greatest power .Believe in love and never settle for anything thing else and when the time is right love will find you.

I have to give up because I can't be hurt anymore. Every time I care about someone, it ends badly, and I can't bear to go through that again.

I once felt like you did until I met Her.My soul mate Meeting her rocked my entire world .I was shaken up by it that I was so scared that I ran from her.But I couldn't run and hide from true love.Her presence was always with me and it stopped me dead in my tracks.Once I realized that I was runing from her because of all the wonderful right reasons and realized that I couldn't run away from true love or hide.I then ran back to her .I had waited all of my life for her and I knew when I first came across her her on Ep that we were meant to be together.I didn't message her though because I thought that she had a girlfriend at the time but it was an old story that she had posted to her ex.I was draw to her and read everything she wrote on here every day for three weeks.I asked myself what was I doing but I couldn't tear myself away from her and I said out loud to myself I wish that I was the lucky one to be with her .I never commented or post anything to her or anyone in her circle but shortly there after she sent me a message and I recognized it was her and quickly accepted her messages and we have been together now a little over a year and when she comes to live with me we are planning to get married and spend the rest of our life together.