I know what it feels like to be bitter and alone, with no one to ever ask about how I am. I hate to see others go through that, especially when they have done nothing wrong, or are trying their best to make up for whatever they did. I hate to see people who are broken from how cruel life has been to them, many people are much worse off than I ever was, even in my lowest moments, and I hate to see that. So I do my best to take their pain, by standing by them.

There will always be a place in my heart for the broken, because they deserve to be loved too.
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We are all, at once, broken in one way or another. There are very few in this world who never have to deal with some form of adversity. It is our capacity for compassion and love of our fellow man that saves us all.

If you see someone who is clearly hurting, sit with them, look them clearly in the eyes and let them know you really DO give a damn and want to help if you can. If it is not something you can help with, at least you can give them one thing more precious than any THING in this world,Your time and attention.

We all need to remember there are so many of us with similar burdens and sources of sadness that we are never truly alone in it all. We just need to stay open. It's when we lock ourselves away in self-imposed prisons of the heart and mind we become desperate and lonely.

This is beautiful. You are very wise :)

Thank you. :)