I have a huge place in my heart for broken people, BECAUSE I am broken too. Yet I choose to view myself as perfectly imperfect. How about you?
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I love your perspective of being perfectly imperfect. you may see yourself as broken but Id think you're a high-functioning broken person :)

If you care about too many people you can't care about yourself. Pay attention

So true!! You are wise beyond your years.

Also perfectly imperfect, you might say. 😊👍🏼

I love the phase "perfectly Imperfect"!!! Seems to fit my everyday... lol Until my canopy opened for the first jump, I could have never truly appreciated skydiving. I don't know if I could be truly compassionate without some sort of loss?

I just like helping people. I do enjoy broken people because nothing is more beautiful than all the pieces landing perfectly together. Them feeling so much better

In I mean I'm really broken

In my mind....I am hearing a crowd from a stand up comedy show shout..."how broken are you"?? Lol.
I hope you aren't too broken to laugh at that. 😃

I'm broken too. Hang in there.

I'm broken to and struggle all the time