I believe ones whove had their hearts broken would know the true value of love :)
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very true

You'd think so......but this is not always so..I know somone who loves the devil in her more...I cry ..I'm in pain..I'm sick of everything...I give so much love...and in return I get burned. ..I guess it's better to be the devil than an angel...I'm in disbelief. ..but it's sinking in..it's sinking in..damn it's sinking in..time to pick up and move along ..before I get used again...god help me to forgive him!

Thank you..very kind...yes he broke my heart and shattered my trust further..I loved him with all I have and it's Killin me.

I don't know about random broken people earning this figurative place in my heart, but I do deeply empathize. Yeah, hopefully they've realize the realistic true value and dismissed these false promises of some story book love that lasts eternally and defies logic.

I dont