Last week, I gave my last few dollars to a homeless guy I saw panhandling in the middle of a busy intersection. I was waiting at the light, saw him and rolled down the window to hand him the cash. His eyes were so grateful...It touched me deeply because, as a child, I experienced homelessness. Had it not been for my relatives, that could've been me.

What angered me is that none of the other people gave anything (and most looked a lot better off than me). I'll never understand how can some people can be so selfish?
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1 Response Jan 17, 2016

The reason I am always sceptical about giving money to homeless people is because, one time I gave a homeless man my lunch and after I left I looked back and saw him throw it away. it angered me because even though I didn't eat all day, I felt like he needed it more then me. Obv not everyone is like that. May actually do need help but ppl like him ruin it for everyone else.