My Attempt, As A Remarkable Poetic Mind... Who I Feel Is Not So Remarkable On Paper.

I don't spend a lot of time writing poems. In fact... I never write poems. poetry is not my thing.
But then stumbled upon this group, and sat rhyming for maybe five minutes. consider this my challenge for myself.
I don't have a title, I don't have a meaning, I have terrible recital, thus my poem lacks real feelings.

But anyway read on :)

In my sleeplessness 
Am i dillusional?
The more time i pass
It seems unusual
My angel is missing
Yet laying beside me
We're never kissing
For she is just fantasy

Where art thou
Thy radiant beauty?

I absconded my own soul
I thrust it upon paper
In mind I have a simple goal
To make lying beside such dreams
Feel that little bit greater
LeeDude LeeDude
5 Responses Nov 29, 2010

I think you have something going for you ... the first verse is (in my opinion) the best, because it's the least 'poetic' ... suggest you just use your own voice & not worry about the 'poetic' language & poses...

:') that was short and sweet. I'd love to see more of ur work if u dnt mind writing more for me. Please?? :)

Lol, well it worked out for you! It's okay, beginnings and endings are the hardest part. Speaking from my own personal experience when I get towards the end I suck so bad it takes me forever to fit the right words in the end, and in the beginning staring at an empty page... ugh. But during the middle? The ink is flowing!!<br />
Well thanks for the play by play on your poem writing, it all makes perfect sense :]

Wow thanks. Like aforementioned though... There's is no real feeling involved.<br />
It's kinda like method acting... Its rough to begin I guess for my method was poor.<br />
But towards the end, I started trying feeling like an 18th century hopeless romantic... Because that is what poetry means to me pretty much.<br />
<br />
Looking at many other poems, lost love, forbidden love, unrequited love ... Love is a common reoccuring theme. So it was an obvious choice.<br />
Not wanting to go by anything personal to me is where the fantasy/dream references come to play.

The beginning is a little rough, but still good. The ending is fantastic!! :] I agree with Mystik, believe it'll come. It'll come. Keep hope alive, let the fantasy be a dream!