The Gates Of Hell

Hello every1. I wrote this poem way back in 1986 when I first got to Ca Youth Authority. Enjoy!! The gates of hell aint no fun. No where to hide, no where to run.Once youre there, youre there to stay. Youre part of the masters lil prey. You think of ways to escape. Finding no way out of this world of hate. Now youre stuck and what do you do. Kill everyone who fukks with you. But go ahead and and try to rebel. It doesnt work, youre still in hell. Still in hell is where youll be. Til the masters set you free. But theyll never let you go. Because theyre too stuck up and in control. Will we ever see the day. When all the masters get blown away? RR '86
ndlnmyarm ndlnmyarm
May 22, 2012