Dreams Of Him

Dreams Of Him
As I reach out to grasp the meaning, of what my destiny is and how to fulfill it, I realize I've spent all this time simply dreaming, I know that I care about those hopes and wishes more than I would like to admit.
I dream of a day, where I can be with my one true love, there's so much distance between us, still there are no amount of words I could say, to let him know that he will forever be the only man I am thinking and dreaming of. 
His heart, I feel like I know it inside and out, I hate the fact that we're still so far apart, he's the only man that I can't live without. My heart, it aches inside my chest, I've loved him since we met, and when our feelings did start, it's like something in the universe shifted, to have him in my life makes me feel eternally blessed.
karikaiba karikaiba
22-25, F
Sep 13, 2012