A Poem For Writers

Writer's Inspiration
The day begins, and children everywhere wake up with grins, and as someone views these simple things through a lens, somewhere a writer switches pens. 

These observations, would make for stimulating conversations, but when you need a distraction, or other engaging interactions, just look inside your heart, and discover your inner passions.

When you're feeling lost or alone, and you feel like your emotions are spinning faster than a cyclone, just let your thoughts be known, and then you'll reach a milestone, where your name won't be just another unknown, because you're expressing yourself on your own.

So, no matter what path you're on, whether you have brains or brawn, before the coming of another dawn, before your imaginings are gone, allow your creativity to spawn, whether you're writing in pencil, pen, or crayon, write down your thoughts somewhere, and reflect on the day at hand, not those which are bygone.
karikaiba karikaiba
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012