Love Poem-December 6th, 2012

The thoughts that flow through me, when I think about you, if you knew them, I know you would surely agree, that my heart is filled with feelings that have grew.
My emotions started out strong, and I know they seem very intense, sometimes I can't help myself, because I feel like it's with you that I forever belong, and my love for you will always be immense.
Scenes play out in my mind, and there are numerous ones, to the point where I think they are truly infinite, in some we are speaking and learning of one another, in others we are passionately entwined, either way, it's like your gentle soul beckons, if I was a battery, only your electricity could complete my circuit.
Times passes, by me, like a frozen clock, and at times the dreams I have of us are like future glimpses, I see you, and can feel your hands on my body, I am a complex combination, and only you have the heated look that can make every part of me instantly unlock.
karikaiba karikaiba
22-25, F
Dec 6, 2012