My Little Prince.

I bought my first pomeranian pup this year, he is now 6months old and i love him to bits. i cannot get over how intelligent he is and quickly he learns new commands, my only worry is he slightly overweight but we have a check up at the vets on wednesday so fingers crossed!!
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Make sure he's only getting the recommended amount for his weight, (it says on the back of the dog food bag how much to feed them by weight or age) most poms are 4 to 7 lbs, but there are still throwbacks (larger dogs) like mine whose normal weight is about 14 to 15 lbs.If that doesn't help, get him more exercise. <br />
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Poms are high energy and instead of walking mine around for hours and hours I got him a backpack, he carries cans of food to give him the same amount of exercise in less time. He's full grown and can easily carry two cans of tuna. I don't want to weight him down that much. <br />
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Do some research on how much your dog can carry before you try this though.

Pomerians are indeed intelligent dogs who learn new commands quickly! They are also fun, energetic, feisty, friendly, and loving!<br />
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Hopefully, your dogs extra weight will turn out to be a minor situation, and that it will be easily correctable!