12 Step Program For A Klepto Pom???

My little black and white parti Pomeranian weighs in at a whopping 3pounds and she is my world. Well she loves to hide in her crate but one day I noticed there was a little more then just her and her blankie hiding in her crate so I decided to do a little investigating. As I pulled out the items hidden in her crate I was shocked! I found:

-4pairs of socks

-5pairs of underwear

-2pairs of boxer shorts

-3 make-up brushes(which get carried everywhere)

-4 gutted squeaky toys

-1 stuffed squirrel

-2 tank tops

-1 t-shirt

-1 slipper

(reminder her crate is smaller then one you would carry a cat in)

she is constantly sprinting to her crate from the hall and that is when the deed is done. Anyone have a 12 step program for dogs that is a klepto??

But we still love her

mayrayne mayrayne
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

Hi mayrayne<br />
I love that story. Funny as I still do n ot know what a pomegranate is?<br />