Fluffy, Yappy And Adorable

I have a four year old pom named Jesse. He's orange with black highlights. He's on the large size for a pom (16 lbs.). My husband took one look at him at the animal shelter and knew two things: 1) that Jesse would be coming home with him immediately; and 2) that he would be full of mischief. He's absolutely precious. He's so cute and cuddly and just the feistiest little thing you've ever seen. He rules over the house and keeps our much bigger keeshond in line. One of our friends has a lab/rottie mix that they brought over for a visit. We gave each of the dogs a rawhide chew. Well, Jesse decided he wanted our friends' dog's chew too, so he just walked right over to this huge dog and took it right out of his mouth. It was the funniest thing. He thinks he's a big, tough attack dog.

My husband is putting together some cabinets in our family room and he laid one of the boxes across the path to get into the room. It's not a big box, maybe 3 inches tall and about 8 inches across. Jesse could easily cross over it,  but he absolutely refuses to try. He stands on the other side of it and barks and stamps his tiny paws until one of us goes over to him, picks him up, and carries him over the box. He's just the funniest little thing. We love him tons.

Slackajawea Slackajawea
36-40, F
Mar 3, 2010