But I Didn't Used To... Strange!


I'm Licorice and I am 30 years old.  I have recently developed a "potty mouth".:)  It's fun.  Of course, I don't use it around children or in inappropriate settings, but when I'm with adults or by myself, I curse a lot.  It's funny, because to look at me, you wouldn't think that I would do that, but I do.  I don't remember where I picked it up.  Wait!  Oh yes I do!  I picked it up from the job I just quit a month ago.

I used to work in the warehouse section of HomeGoods (it's a store that sells many things for the home such as kitchen accessories, books, toys, furniture, and more.  I used to lift and move heavy boxes (and yes, I'm a girl!), then I would put them on my line that rolls so I could open them up and put the items in them on carts to go out on the floor of the store.   Sorry to go on about this, but it helps with the story kinda.  I worked mainly with men, and I quickly discovered that most of the men that I worked with (except for my wonderful boss) were pansy-*****, and bitched all the time.  About everything.  It was there that I picked up my "colorful" language.

I don't ***** about things like they did.  I don't want to stoop to their little pansy levels, but I just heard the language so much that I started to use it in my daily thoughts at first, and then in (sometimes) conversation.  Like, if I dropped something, I might say "oh ****!"  or my coworkers and I would talk candidly about the poorly made, highly priced "****", we received in the boxes or whatnot.

I put myself down a lot.  My favorite and most used qutoe is "I Suck".  I say it every time I do something wrong or stupid.   "Suck" is not that bad of a curse-word, but then some people insist that the word "Crap" is a curse.  I don't consider "crap" to be a curse-word.  It's always been widely used in my conversation and the words of others.  But one time, my mom used it a lot at a place she worked, and her friends made fun of her and said it was a bad word.  They made all kinds of things for her like mugs, cards, and other things with the word "crap" on it because they thought it was so bad and funny at the same time!

So anyway,  now you know that I have a little bit of a potty mouth, and you know where I got it from.  Hell, this even helped ME remember where I got it from.  This entry should have a fair amount of asterisks in it, but that's okay, because I have a POTTY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Licorice Licorice
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2007

Some times you need to add a little colour to your language and inserting the word F _ _ K in a sentence once in a while gives it some good punch and makes your point stronger. I'd ,uch rather hear swear words than I would hear useless slang words like "cool", "yeah right", "go figure", etc. That's childish and definitely not eloquent language, where the occassional swear word can be eloquent and classy if used right.

Potty mouth does not equal respect. I'm not saying I personally disrespect you, but consistently using foul language in every other statement you make may prove a lack of intelligence and the ability to use another word to substitute it. Just a thought.