Yeah, I'm Pretty Bad.

Hmm, I think the first time I ever swore I was around 12.  I had a whole bunch of those digimon thingies on a ponytail and left it across the street in the dirt.  My friend brought them over to me and when I saw that they were all dirty, I exclaimed, "S*it!  Who got dirt all over my stuff?"  The window to the PC room was opened, and my dad happened to hear me say 's*it'.  So I got a good scolding about how swearing is bad and yada yada.  Ever since that time I've become increasingly more of a potty mouth.  But I always try to refrain from swearing around my dad - last thing I want is another lecture.  But it doesn't always work so well...

Last weekend my dad called and we were chatting, and we started talking about sports.  And I just blurted out, "Did you see the Pats game?  They beat the s*it out of the other team."  Then I'm like trying to backtrack and make it seem like I didn't say that, but he heard me.  Oops.  Then he gets on this tirade about how it's a turn off for him when ladies swear.  He's like, "Women shouldn't swear, it's not proper..." and yada yada.  

I should probably start to wean myself off swearing, but they just fly out of my mouth and I don't even realise it 'til someone comments on the fact that I swore.  It's pretty bad. 

Jaggie Jaggie
Nov 3, 2007