I kinda feel funny asking for prayer on EP.... I don't know why. Anyway, I have a guy friend that I love very much (but only as a friend) and I had to gently let him know that a few days ago. I don't think he is doing so well. Please pray and ask God to comfort him and help him though this hard time. I have had my heart broken and it's not a fun thing. Thanks guys :)
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Dear Lord, <br />
You know my friend/family member so much better than I do. You know his/her sickness and the burden he carries. You also know his/ her heart. Lord, I ask you to be with my friend now, working in his/her life. Let your will be done in my friend's life. If there is a sin that needs to be confessed and forgiven, Lord, please help him to see his/her need and confess. Lord, I pray for my friend because your Word says I should pray for his healing. I believe you hear this earnest prayer from my heart and that it is powerful because of your promise. I have faith in you to heal my friend, but I also trust in the plan you have for his/her life. Lord, I don't always understand your ways, and why my friend has to suffer, but I trust you. I ask that you look with mercy and grace toward my friend. Nourish his/her spirit and soul in this time of suffering and comfort him with your presence. Let my friend know you are there with him through this difficulty. And may you be glorified in his/her life and also in mine. <br />
<br />
Amen<br />
<br />

i know too what is it a broken heart so i pray too.