I hve a prayer request for all my friends.  I would prefer not to go into details and before anyone asks I am okay,  but I would appreciate your prayers.

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A little late, but it never hurts to pray for a better world and that you will find peace.

your welcome :)

thanks dear.

My thoughts and prayers are with you today <br />
<br />


will do

Thanks Faucon.


Thanks y'all. It means so much to me and my friends that I haven't mentioned specifically to have these prayers.

I'll add you to my prayers too. Best to you :)

I will say my prayers with you in mind.

Since you asked , I will say a little one .....

Consider me in.

You are welcome.


Thanks y'all

I am there for you in prayer..........<br />
My strength is in other ways......pm me it you want the full power of the wizard

Thanks for that both of you.

You are always on my mind.

I'll Include your wishes for a prayer in my nightly prayers.