Well shock horror,
I did my own PA. My girlfriend had her nipples pierced by a professional but frankly I didn't like the idea of someone else piecing my **** so I purchased some 9ct gold wire, sharpened it and did it.(well it took over a month of thinking about it)
I formed the wire into a ring and used a ball closure ball to keep the ring closed. After a week I placed a titanium 1.2mm ring a through.
My advice is keep the area clean, wash your hands before touching the area. Baby wipes (un fragrenced type) are excellent and emu oil is also wonderfull to help the healing. I now have a 4mm thick ring and I have to say sex with it in is 'off the scale' for my partner too.

Go for it I say but I'm not squeemish and very in control.

Analvirgin2012 Analvirgin2012
46-50, M
Sep 11, 2012