I can't express affection. I never got any growing up. Acts of affection were frowned upon in our house growing up. I have such a hard time showing it and accepting it as well. It's really sad because had I been raised in a different family, I would be a different person.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I grew up with no affection... but, I craved it as a child and still do as an adult.

only thing is,I attract the very same type of man, who lack the ability to show affection.

I came from a family that was very affectionate, my sisters still are and it always seemed natural. I married into a Family that was totally opposite which then made it hard to show affection as it wasn't the accepted thing. People didn't even say hello or goodbye when coming and going from the house. I found it so strange.

You're not alone! I know what you mean, I too grew up in a family where we never gave a hug to each other, or spoke about what is in our minds. We kept it to ourselves, inside of us.
But now....I realize how that had an impact on me. I cannot say to my bf, my mom, my I really feel, cannot seem to open up. Time and time again I think in my mind what I want to say, but it never comes out. I just block. As far as hugs go, my bf and I are used to it now to give each other a hug, which feels great, but when someone else gives me one, it still feels weird. So you're not alone, LittleRapscallion. Thanks for sharing this story! xxx