I See Hypocrites

First of all, I consider myself a christian. I was raised protestant and still am for all practical purposes.
I don't understand some christians though. I have a family member who is so mean. She makes fun of other people, is conceited, arrogant and just nasty. She claims to be a christian and "loves God". She has a horrible potty mouth, and I have seen her do mean things as well.
When I asked her about how she can love God so much and act that way, she said something like that's why she needs to go to church, is because she is sinful.
I guess I just don't get it. It seems like hypocritical behavior to me.
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I grew up in a small Southern Baptist town in Texas that was so full of hypocritical "Christians" I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. They were the most mean, manipulative, judgmental, critical, controlling, back stabbing, arrogant, egotistical, cheating, thieving, conniving, unethical, and abusive people I have ever met in my life. Luckily my parents were the complete opposite so it was easy for us to see the difference between good and bad, kind and mean, and real and fake, but it was a difficult environment to grow up in.

Raised southern baptist myself and thankfully realize what a load of crap i was fed all my life. What was done to my son today makes me want to never step foot in a church again. I really empathize with those who hate religion.

Thankfully I wasn't raised southern baptist. I just grew up in a town populated by southern baptists.

Thank you so much for your comments and for reading. I just don't understand these so called Christians!

I understand what you're saying, all too well. I consider myself a 'conflicted Christian'... conflicted because of the contradictions and hypocritical behaviors and attitudes of other Christians. <br />
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My sister is a 'born again fundamentalist Christian', she's extremely judgmental, she gossips, lies, abuses people terribly. If you disagree with her, you're persecuting her for her beliefs. She thinks everyone is taking advantage of her, talking about her, conspiring against her. <br />
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She has terribly high standards she tries to apply to everyone around her, but they don't seem to apply to her at all. It's very frustrating and difficult. I don't get it either... I honestly believe Christianity's worst enemy is some Christians.

I think they make medication for those symptoms. Sounds like a personality disorder masquerading as religion!