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Intolerant Christians

There are Christians who hate on other religions and "nonbelievers." The term "nonbelievers" is so insulting. Why are some Christians so full of themselves? Am I really going to hell for being a "nonbeliever"?

There are some very tolerant religions such as Buddhism and other eastern religions. They embrace all other religions, as well as atheists and agnostics. They believe different religions work for different people.

I support liberal Christians who embrace people of all religions. One of them is Karen Armstrong, who started the Charter for Compassion:
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The problem with (liberal) Christian Universalism, where everybody makes it to heaven, is that the Bible clearly teaches that some people are just not going to make it. If if is not according to the BIble than it is not really christian at all.
The message of Christianity is that someone like me, a vile, sin-besotted, low-life could find favor in God's eyes and be given a hope in heaven. You could be one of these people too for all I know. if you have the ability to believe.
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I'll be praying for you.