I am an atheist.  Being an atheist in america is not easy.  The fact is we are the most hated and feared minority in this country.  The hate and fear (what's the difference, really?) I see so many christians spew astounds me.  It makes me sad, honestly.  Just sad.  So many Christians out there believe that you cannot be a good person if you don't believe in god.  They don't believe atheists could possibly have morals unless we believe we have a god to answer to.  I am not making this up.

How can anyone think this way?  It makes me ashamed to be a member of the human race.  If you only do the right thing because your religion dictates it, because you don't want to disappoint god, you are not really a moral person at all.  Read about Kohlberg's stages of moral development, see that you are stuck in the first stage, and then tell me how proud of yourself you are.  Then tell me what a bad person I am for not being able to believe in your god, you ******* hypocrites.  

There is a word for it when you assume an entire group of people are bad instead of judging them individually based on their character: PREJUDICE. 

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lets stick to the point. Certain christians r a pain in the ***. I have listened to the evangelicals. Not only do they proselytize their faith but a favoured tactic is to attack the faith or others or in our case the non-believers. Islamofascists go a step further and are committed to eradicating the infidel. But back to the issue of certain christians. Certain christians are great people. They are erudite and compassionate, they use their god as a personal god and good luck to them. But spare the self righteous, the smug, the holier than thou sunday hypocrites, the arabs drinking and whoring in London hotels, the clean teens, the bible bashing, money hoarding, hate spewing, irrational lame brains that pollute the gene pool. For them I want another flood. .............................God bless

I did not say that all Christians are prejudice. I did not group them all together. I wish you would read my post again, and also read the comments before you comment.

A true Christain will not judge you. You said that christains say all of you are bad because you don't believe in God. You called all christains Prejudice. I am a Christain I do not judge you. Nor do I think you are a bad person. I don't know you. I judge people by the way they treat me. The same thing goes for you. You grouped all christains together. The very same thing you said you hated about christains. Yes I will agree there are many people out there that would judge you badly. But there are also alot of people like me that wouldn't judge you until they got to know you.

Have to say i'm with icymore on this one. Religion is bigoted and divisive by it's very nature.<br />
<br />
You can't think you're one of the chosen ones and NOT define yourself with a them and us mentality. <br />
<br />
All the abrahamic faiths have this as a central tenet...

I find all the people Ive ever known who call themselves christians act and behave in a way thats anything but christian. Who the hell are they to judge anyone?<br />
I used to be a jehovah witness..........they are very evil people indeed........<br />
Keep your religious philosophys to yourself!!!!!thats my opinion.

stuman: How can I not look at the religion when religion is what's motivating these people?

Wakeupkaren, the person you spoke to may not think that way but there are many Christians who do. I know this because they say it outright. If we don't believe in god they assume we are bad people before they even know us. They don't understand how you can have morals without having a god to answer to. You can also look up studies that have been done on how americans in general feel about atheists. Atheists really are feared and hated in this country.

I hadn't heard of Kohlberg, I'll look that up, but it has occurred to me before that being good to avoid punishment is a very childish basis for ethics. Part of growing up is working out what you consider "good" behaviour, and more importantly why - that's what morality *is*.

Its not religion,its people.Im a christian,and i have athiest and muslims friends ,i look at peoples actions not their religion

Good story. I have a link to Kohlberg's stages of moral development if anyone is interested. :)

You're absolutely right, ChristianCowboy. That is prejudiced, also. So it's a good thing I don't assume that and I know very well that many Christians do not think this way. If you aren't like that, then this entry isn't about you, and thank you for not being a jerk :)

It's also prejudice if you assume all Christians think this way.