I have a problem with certain Christians who say they accept Christianity because it is a lot safer than not accepting because they don’t want to go to Hell. It’s a spiritual path paved with blackmail.

I have a problem with certain Christians who are evangelistic and feel they have the right to convert me.

I have a problem with certain Christians who get involved with politics at all levels and push their believes about sex ed., evolution, abortion and minority rights on all the rest of us.

I have a problem with all Christians who support a paradigm that asserts that all aspects of God are male.       

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Telling me who Jesus was is like telling me who King Arthur was, There is no corroborative written history of jesus outside of the bible. The contradictions in the bible unfortunately render it a less than reliable source. This then leads to a problem with pushing a story that has no empirically based evidence of existence. So the spreading of the religion stories is just that and I suppose I have no right to oppose any one's wish to spread it but it comes with a lot of self congratulatory moral authority. It is also not simply confined to good meaning people such as yourselves, evangelism uses many techniques some of which I find reprehensible.

I agree with June1999. When you tell someone that Christianity is the right way, I am NOT forcing them to be baptized, because I cannot force anyone to do anything. I just like to let people know who Jesus was and what he wants that person to believe. Because some people don't know Jesus at ALL! So that is my reasoning. But I respect everyone for who they are. I am friends who are of all religions. THAT part doesn't matter to me.

As the "poster" I appreciate ever thing that’s been replied above. I would have made my feelings know sooner then now but I was hospitalized for a heart condition and pneumonia. I want to support june 1999 for three reasons. 1.) I have posted similar post [ am Wiccan] and understand the need to explain how I am not like the image of "witch" that has been shaped after ~1500 years of intense psycholinguistic propaganda against all things Wiccan plus the further bending by fiction/Hollywood BS. 2.) I know june1999 through EP and do not want to alienate her with pointless attacks on someone who is making an effort to open heir mind to very new ways of thinking. 3) june1999 is my friend.

Oops, I didn't know I'd come across arrogant.<br />
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I don't know, I still think I am giving people options even though I tell them what and why. As in, here's what I believe and here's why I believe it. It would be great if you agree but the choice is still yours.

Hmm, I didn't notice the "why they need to accept it" part till just now. I retract my previous statement and say I agree. It's late, I can't read when I'm tired. :p

As someone who believes in God, but avoids being called a Christian (mostly because I don't believe in organized religion) I have to say, I agree with points #1-#4. I will add, concerning #1, if we are talking "religious" Christians, than I can't disagree, but if we are talking people like me, who believe in God but reject any man made interpretation of my faith (i.e. organized religion) then I disagree with the last sentence. I don't like people who say that because they miss the point. If you are "saying" you believe just to keep from going to "hell" than you don't really believe and you are going to hell anyway (if there is such a place). That type of "faith" is really just an oxymoron and anyone who buys it is an idiot.<br />
UC, I just wanted to say, I think you misinterpreted June's comment, (or I did), I think what she was saying is not that it's our place "to tell others that they need to accept a particular creed" but to tell them what it is we believe, more or less just make sure they realize it's an option, not suggest that they must accept it. That's how I read it anyway. I may be the one who didn't get it. :)<br />
Rather good post by the way.

Agree with points #2 and 3 but I had no idea there are such things as point #1 and 4!<br />
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It is indeed our duty to tell others about Christianity and why they need to accept it but I see no point in forcing it on anybody. People need to make their own decisions.