I Have a Problem With Certain Christians

Regarding Christianity and certain Christian practices I read the following comment on another story here on EP : "It is indeed our duty to tell others about Christianity and why they need to accept it, but I see no point in forcing it on anybody."

And all I can say is that I  completely disagree with such a statement.  I can´t honestly see the logic behind this  affirmation. How can we tell others that they need to accept a particular creed, in this case Christianity, and still maintain that is not forcing it on anybody?? That is simply arrogance and intolerance at its worst.
I don´t think it is my duty to convert anyone. Nor would I ever dream to tell another person what to believe or not to believe in.
I think imposing our religious beliefs on others has only brought bloodshed , tears , wars and destruction to this world . ( Check History books and current newspapers). And that simply is not the purpose of a spiritual creed. It saddens me to hear this condescending attitude is still alive today. No wonder there is no end in sight for Religious wars.

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6 Responses Feb 17, 2009

There's a type of christian that makes me queasy. The smug ones. They don't drink, they go to their churches everyday, they patronise those less well off than themselves and they preach, boy do they preach. As for trying to save me the thought of an eternity with all those boring christian bastards that is my type of hell.

i too was raised by the catholics ( see -i once wore shoes). there were good and bad outcome of this. I am still christian, but i am not templar, if that is the right word. I don't believe that I need a special building to be a good christian.<br><br />
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About changing other people's lives, i believe that i simply have to live mine. If they like what they see and hear, then they will ask. I can then choose to share or not as i feel.<br><br />
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"please go away before I call the police"<BR>Good one! I'll remember that next time I get harrassed.<BR><BR>I did manage to catch them off guard one time when two of them caught me on a vulnerable day. I stayed for a while listening to them go on about "speaking in tongues", etc. They got to the point where they were saying "Put him to the test! Come and see for yourself!".<BR><BR>I'd been an altarboy for many years and had listened to the readings because I had to know when I was next required to do something.<BR><BR>One reading popped into my head. When the Devil took Jesus to some high place and said something to the effect of "Throw yourself from here and see if your God will save you". Jesus' reply was "Do not put the Lord thy God to the test". Which is what I said to these two guys who thought they had me cornered. It was a small victory, but one that brings a smile to my face when I remember it.

I agree too.<br />
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If people believe in something that isn't interfering with anyone else's life, that's fine.<br />
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I was raised as a Catholic (no longer practising, no longer believe in anything).<br />
<br />
Apart from whatever my siblings and I learned in church, we were schooled by our parents to always make sure we treated people with respect; not trying to force them into any kind of situation where they felt anything but comfortable. So I bristle a bit whenever people come knocking on my door (or stop me in the street) to "save" me.

UC I agree absolutely. Believing is one thing, trying to convert others is not on.

I agree. The quickest way for me to turn away from something is when someone feels it is their duty and their right to tell me what I need to be doing with my life. Um, no, buh-bye!