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I have a problem with adverts popping up here advertising sexy Christian singles. WTF. Sexy, yeah, single yeah, but where does the christian angle come into it. What do sexy christian singles do, screw in the pew

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Actually smokeseek I don't see how those things would be relevant. If she's married, then presumably that would be fine. If she's single and engaging in that behavior, then that would be problematic.

I thought that most ironic things a Christian said (on this site) was telling the world how much she loves Jesus since she has been saved; and offered advice to others. Then in some other story she commented on how much she loves giving oral (sex) and swallowing. The two dont seem to go and hand in hand in my book.

Eeeek! Gives new meaning to "rolling in the aisles" and "snake handling" too!<br />
<br />
But damn... all I'm getting is an ad about "scientology"!

Or whatever else "pops" up LOLOL

It definitely paints an interesting picture of "Sunday Mass" ;-)

ooh, now I'm getting a "christian" ad with a blonde girl. Beats the old man from before lol. <br />
<br />
Yes, Moon, someday we'll get there. In fact I should probably post a story about hot atheist singles and see what kind of ads pop up.

Sorry "V", that's all you get! Moonshadoe, we'll have to start our own website for that. Imagine how rich we could get! LOL

man I'm bummed, the ad popping up on this story is for meeting single "certified christians" and it's just some old dude. Where's the sexy single Christians?

The confessional booth could also be a useful place