So Many Bad Pet Owners Where I Live

My old neighborhood is just filled with loads of bad pet owners. When I was growing up there, a couple of women (a mother and grown daughter) started out with a couple cats that they just allowed to serial breed by not getting them spayed or neutered. One year, someone threw poisoned meat into the woman's yard and fourteen cats died. Soon, the cat population on that block exploded and the cats kept right on mating and making more cats. It got to a point where city council began setting traps to catch the strays and take to the shelter, but that didn't last long, as the locals were breaking the traps open, setting the cats free, and leaving the mangled traps lying on the ground. And due to the cruel nature of the rednecks in that area, many innocent cats have been intentionally run over or shot.

The step-father of a friend of mine is a very bad pet owner. A few years back, he was sick of one of the house cats peeing on the wall (may have been from the new kitten they got), so rather than take the cat to a vet (since that would eat into their substances fund), the man took this declawed cat and dumped it in a neighboring town in a residential area. Their other cat, who is approaching nine or ten yers old, is constantly infested with worms. Once in a while, she gets some OTC medication, but it never helps.

This person's house is also on a very busy road where people like to speed, and they let their cats outside. The kitten I mentioned earlier met a tragic fate with a car before it turned a year old. A puppy of their was also killed by accident by a car. Another cat was dumped because she would howl while going into heat and spaying cost too much. The offspring of this cat actually found its way back to the house, where it stayed for a few months and was then abandoned when she also began howling due to her unaltered hormonal instincts.

As of recently, a new kitten has found its way to this home...and I guarantee it will either get run over or abandoned like most of the other pets that have stayed in that house. I just really, really wish people would not take animals in that they will treat as little more than objects. The man in question is a pretty big ******* ******* in general, so it comes as no surprise that he would toss animals aside like trash.
StrawberryPocky StrawberryPocky
22-25, F
Jul 28, 2010